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ideas and tresure

Offers: You think about ideas for the next firm or club excursion, event or perhaps team-building.
We’ll gladly put a package deal together for you which considers your wishes and what you have in mind. With our expertise in „rail experience“ and the tourist branch, we are able to advise you competently on the possibilities. Furthermore we have worked out some package „hits“ for you. Have we stirred your interest? Then don’t delay and contact us.

Some of our new program/detail is only in German. The English version will be fully translated soon.
We apologise for any inconvenience.

No. Program year-round Season Participants Price / Person
G1 Travel like a king
Special train with the most beautiful restaurant coaches in Europe to the most idyllic or most interesting places in the east of Switzerland / excellent service in an exquisite atmosphere on board
(exclusive / romantic / culinary / interesting / special ambience / entertaining)
year-round max. 120 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 195.- (excl. food and drinks) Details
G2 On the Western-Train to Victory-City
Nostalgic - special train (steam or electric) to Victory - City / wild West evening with countrymusic and countrybuffet at Lucky's Saloon / chill - out drinking a Single malt on board of the Western - Train while returning
(special ambience / social / culinary)
year-round max. 120 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 197.- (incl. food / excl. some drinks) Details
G3 A crime on the train
Special train with a exclusive atmosphere / theatre piece including the guests / aperitif and dinner (3- oder 4-course) in the train
(social / culinary / special ambience / active)
year-round max. 120 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 375.- (incl. food / excl. drinks) Details
G4 Time-trip into the valley of the Töss
Nostalgic –special train into the Tösstal / guided tour through the Industry-ensemble / idyllic walk through a small valley / dinner in a farmer cow-stall
(nostalgic / cultural / social / culinary)
Train hold-up as an additional offer
year-round max. 80 from CHF 159.- (incl. food / excl. drinks) Details
G5 The Marrakech-Express's next stop: 1001 night
A trip to the orient in a special saloon - car / aperitif / Bedouin Ahlan and his camel attends you to an orient's oasis / oriental evening with a rich dinner (buffet)
(special ambiance / social / culinary / amusing / fabulous)
year-round max. 180 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 203.- (incl. food / excl. drinks) Details
G7 On the tracks of Adolf Guyer-Zeller
Nostalgic train to Zurich's Oberland / Personal welcome and guided tour by Adolf Guyer-Zeller / Apéro / workshop in his former cotton spinnery / easy walk / hearty farmer buffet in the cowshed.
(Cosy & social / Informativ / culinary / special ambience / all you can eat)
year-round max. 60 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 260.- (incl. food & apero / excl. drinks for dinner) Details
G8 Team - Kultur Winterthur
Transfer im Roten Pfeil oder Swiss Classic Train nach Winterthur / Kaffee & Gipfeli oder kleines Frühstück an Bord / geführter (Alt-)stadtrundgang "Thema Kultur" / Weindegustation/Apéro / 3-Gang "Kultur"-Menü / süsse Überraschung / auf der Rückfahrt im SCT Unterhaltung mit Pianist
(gemütlich & gesellschaftlich / lehrreich / kulinarisch / spezielles Ambiente)
ganzjährig max. 200 (grössere Gruppen auf Anfrage) ab CHF 280.- Details
G9 Kleine Thurgauer-Rundfahrt mit dem Apfelsaft-Express
Rundfahrt bis 4 Std. im Kanton Thurgau / Angebot ist beliebig ausbaubar, z. B. Apéro, Mittag-/Abendessen, Besuch der Mosterei Möhl, autobau, Locorama, etc.
(gesellschaftlich / idyllisch / kulinarisch / informativ / spannend)
ganzjährig max. 50 (grössere Gruppen auf Anfrage) ab CHF 3000.– (Pauschal) Details

No. Summer program Season Participants Price / Person
S1 Mine - Express into Glarnerland
Breakfast with a difference on the way to the mine in a special train / guided tour through the mine including a visit to a former slate factory / informal lunch and a "boozy afternoon tea" on the journey back in the special train
(social / active / interesting)
april to october max. 80 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 245.- (incl. breakfast / lunch / diner / excl. drinks) Details
S2 Dixieland in New Orleans
2nd class trip to castle Laufen / visit to the Rheinfall / aperitif / special bus / special boat on the „Mississippi-River“ entertained by a Dixie-land band / barbecue „New Orleans style” on the boat
(impressive / exclusive / culinary / social / idyllic / entertaining)
april to october max. 90 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 199.- (incl. dinner / excl. drinks) Details
S3 In the "Woodcutter“ train to Jasper Junction
The special steam-train or the Old Jasper Valley Coach will take your guests directly into the huge forests of Canada. In order to survive here, each participant will be instructed in Canadian wood-cutting. Of course we must put on a grill-party in the woods before heading back to Switzerland in the Oldies-bus.
(adventurous / creative / requires team-work / special ambience / informal)
april to october max. 60 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 230.- (incl. dinner / excl. drinks) Details
S4 Looking for the green fairy in the "Val de Travers"
In the "Absinthe - Arrow" or "Mine-Express" to the Val de Travers / guided tour to the asphalt - mines / Apéritif and traditional lunch / Bustransfer with local tourguide / guided tour through an absinthe  - distillery/ return in the "Absinthe - Arrow"
(social / culinary / informative / cosy)
april to november max. 120 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 184.- (incl. coffee & crescent / apero & dinner / excl. drinks) Details
S5 Games and fun with Jeremias Gotthelf
The "Red Arrow Coach" leads you 200 years back in time to visit the well known author Jeremias Gotthelf in the Emmental/ Visitation of his house (museum)/ Lunch according to Gotthelf's preferences/ games and fun in the manner of the Emmental
(social/ active / interesting/ cosy)
march - nov. max. 60 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 209.- (excl. food & drinks) Details
S6 Im "Wyländer-Salon-Extrazug" zur Bauernhof - Olympiade
Beschauliche Fahrt im Salon-Extrazug direkt zur Bauernhof-Olympiade. Anschliessend gemütlicher Grillplausch, bevor im Salon-Extrazug die Rückfahrt durch das liebliche Zürcher Weinland in chill out Atmosphäre angetreten wird.
(einfach & gemütlich / gesellschaftlich / Team-Geist / aktiv / Spiel & Spass)
April bis Okt. max. 120 (grössere Gruppen auf Anfrage) ab CHF 216.- (exkl. Getränke) Details
S7 Erlebnis-Rundfahrt Thurgau
Kulinarisches Mittagessen auf dem Schiff / Apéro oder Dessert im eigenen Extrazug während der Fahrt
(gesellschaftlich / gemütlich / idyllisch / kulinarisch)
Mai bis Sept. max. 50 (grössere Gruppen auf Anfrage) ab CHF 97.- Details

No. Winter program Season Participants Price / Person
W1 A time-journey on rail with the "Red Arrow-Coach" back to the middle - ages
Transfer with the the 20-th century "Red Arrow-Coach" / visit to Napoelons former 19-th century home / flaming torche-lit walk / a banquet as in a 15-th century knights chamber / returning back into the 21-th century
(comfortable / special ambiance / cultural / culnary / social)
nov. - april max. 60 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 183.- (incl. meal and wine, excl. apero) Details
W2 With the "Snow-Express" to Winterwonderland "Braunwald"
Special-train with aperitive direct to Linthal Braunwald-station / transfer to "Grotzenbüel" / snow-fun sledging and snow-boot walking / mulled wine at dusk / fondue-dinner in the "Chämistube" / return to the valley by sledge run on illuminated tracks or by cable car / return to destination with a night-cap in the "Snow-Express"
(social / homely ambience / sporty for male and female / beautiful scenery)
December to March, end of season max. 200 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 152.- (incl. meal, excl. drinks) Details
W3 Searching for the "Schnuggebock (Restaurant) in the wintery countryside of Appenzell
With an aperitive into Appenzell on the nostalgic special-train / a evening walking experience with flaming-torches to the "Schnuggebock" an original "Appenzeller" welcomes you with a glass of mulled-wine and lots of stories / an Appenzeller feast in the restaurant "Schnuggebock" / journey back by bus
(social / culinary / special ambience / activities)
November until April max. 120 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 117.- (incl. meal, excl. drinks) Details
W4 Sledging and a fondue on the Rigi
Special-train, with an aperitive to the oldest rack-railway in the world / sledging on the Rigi / fondue in the "Heiri-hut"
(social / sporty / special ambience)
December until March max. 55 (larger groups on special request) from CHF 150.- (incl. meal and apéro / exkl. drinks) Details
W5 Soirée differente
Eveningtrip on the Special-train "Prestige-Continental-Express" with the restaurant coaches "Le Salon bleu & Le Rubis Noir" and the "Le Diamant Bar" bar coach (perfect for the Christmas Dinner or any other social event)
(social / stylish / culinary / special ambience)
Oct - April (Booking all year round) max. 120 (larger groups on special request) flat fee of CHF 16'600.- (excl. Apéro & Food and Drinks) Details

(new ideas will follow)


Here you’ll find you’re transported in special coaches and special trains. You’ll profit from the exceptionally inexpensive conditions (price quotation for coach hire and route). The route, the date and the type of coach is however set. Of course we’ll organise your complete excursion or event at a bargain.

Have you found the ideal offer for you? Contact

No. Date Rout / Time Vehicle Max. Pax Price (Net)
T1 Tuesday, 23.06.2009 Oensingen - Olten - Winterthur /
(arrival 17:00 h)
RBe 2/4 "Red Arrow-Coach" max. 60 places CHF 1'500.00 (108 km)